Mirka Pneumatic Tool Auto On/Off Box for DE-1230 Series Dust Extractor, DE-1200PB

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Product Overview:

Mirka Pneumatic Tool Auto On/Off Box for DE-1230-PC and DE-1230-AFC Dust Extractors (DE-1200PB) allows for automatic on/off of the vacuum with when using pneumatic air tools. 

This control box lets you use a Mirka pneumatic sander with the AutoStart mode of the Mirka 1230 HEPA PC dust extractor, which activates the vacuum only while the tool is running and turns it off a few seconds after the sander stops to ensure the hose is cleared.

The DE-1200PB may also be used with the Mirka MV-DOF-V Mirka Dual Operator Vacuum Kit allowing two machines to be used at once.

Download Mirka DE-1230 dust extractors info sheet here.

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Mirka DE-1230-PC Dust Extractor