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Mirka STYRO Concept - Clean Solution for Insulation


With the help of Mirka’s new STYRO Concept, fitting polystyrene insulation could not be cleaner. Usually, when leveling panel seams to achieve a uniform structure, debris is created from sanding insulation foam. To solve this, Mirka’s ergonomic and easy to use LEROS-S wall sanders are fitted with a special STYRO Backing Pad and Iridium Abrasives together with an Interface Pad to make sanding work easy, clean and fast.

The system is suitable for sanding underground and external insulation panels alike, for Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). With the specially developed Mirka Iridium abrasives for the STYRO Concept, debris extraction capability is improved even further. Mirka offers different grits to suit different density of polystyrene, from P40 to P80.

Learn more about the Mirka STYRO Concept by downloading info sheet here.

Mirka Styro Sanding Concept Pic, 3
 Mirka Styro Sanding Concept Pic, 4

New Mirka® ANGOS 2" Cordless Grinding Tools!


Introducing the new Mirka ANGOS ARG-B-200, a cordless grinding tool can be used with a variety of accessories in grinding and sanding metal, cleaning after welding, surface conditioning, cutting and deburring and paint removal.

Battery-powered and free from cables and hoses this unique tool enable you to tackle jobs in hard-to-reach places.

This kit includes two 5.0 Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries so you can work continuously without downtime.

Mirka ANGOS 2" Cordless Angle Grinder

New Mirka® Galaxy™ - Ceramic Film Abrasives!


Mirka’s new innovative Galaxy abrasive combines effectiveness with long life, thanks to a new self-sharpening ceramic grain, a clogging resistant coating and the new Multifit hole configuration.

The ceramic grains of Galaxy are engineered to stay sharp, as new abrasive edges are formed when they break down during the sanding process, enabling Galaxy to continue cutting – from edge to edge. The blue ceramic grains retain sharpness exceptionally well, giving Galaxy a long life and a fast cut. The scratch pattern of finer grits is especially easy to polish out.

Galaxy utilizes Mirka’s new Multifit concept for hole configuration. With Multifit, the abrasive can be placed on any machine without the need to specifically align it, thanks to the optimized hole placement. With superb edge wear resistance, the universal Multifit hole configuration enables a perfect balance between long life and optimal dust extraction.

To counter clogging, the Mirka Galaxy has a special coating for efficient dust repellence. In addition, the new Multifit hole configuration features specifically alternating hole sections and grip areas to direct and channel the dust away from the sanding process.

The film backed Mirka Galaxy range is available from coarse 40 grit to fine 2000 grit for post paint and blending. At its core, Mirka Galaxy is a multipurpose product, ideal for sanding both soft and hard materials as well as various substrates thanks to its excellent clog resistance and dust extraction. As a result, it is suitable for various applications ranging from the automotive sector to marine production as well as the wood sector.

 Mirka Galaxy Ceramic Film Abrasive Image, 3

New Mirka® Multifit™ - Fits All Sanding Machines!


You can say goodbye to aligning the abrasive. Mirka's new Multifit™ concept means the abrasive is always correctly placed on any machine, with no need to make it match the holes on the backing pad. 

Taking control of dust is an important part of sanding. Multifit™ is designed for efficient dust extraction, combining dust repellence with an optimally perforated surface. With carefully arranged holes that only take up 6 percent of the surface, Multifit™ targets the balance of dust removal, sanding power and durability.

With optimum clogging resistance, you can sand faster and your abrasives last longer, meaning reduced downtime and improved focus on the job. 

Multifit™ is now available in Mirka Gold and Mirka Galaxy series abrasives.

 Mirka Multifit Image


Mirka® Cutting power and gloss with new Polarshine® 45, Now Available in the US!


Polarshine 45 is now available through BuyMirka.com!

Mirka kicks it up a notch with a new water-based and silicone-free compound for polishing gelcoat and other hard surfaces. The new polishing compound for the marine industry tackles hard surfaces such as gelcoat with both cutting power and high gloss finish.

Sales Director Leonardo Latini from Mirka’s Italian daughter company collaborates closely with the region’s boat and yacht manufacturing industry, where he says the new compound has already been warmly received:
“Our customers in Italy have tested Polarshine 45 extensively, with positive feedback for cutting power as well as gloss level. It was even found to increase the lifetime of the wool pad used.”

Both user and environmentally friendly, the compound is water-based for achieving sustainable and long-lasting results. With Polarshine 45, you can achieve an excellent level of final gloss on gelcoat surfaces, both newly sanded and older, Latini states:
“Fewer sanding steps are needed in production, where it can remove even P600 level sanding scratches. When used on old gelcoat, Polarshine 45 removes really heavy oxidation and restores colour.”

”In high-end marine production, customers won’t settle for less than a world-class finish. Polarshine 45 gets you there faster.”

 Mirka Polarshine 45 Image

Mirka® LEROS Wall and Ceiling Sander Coming Soon to the US Market!


The Red Dot Award winning design, Mirka LEROS, the lightest and most advanced wall and ceiling sander is now available in the US! This unique brushless sander features innovative solutions, including a sanding head with 180° flexibility and a 3/16" random orbital movement, making it extremely user friendly.

The flexible and practical design gives unmatched advantages, such as ergonomic working positions and less strain on the operator's body and back. At 7.7lb, the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue.

Learn more about the LEROS here.

 Mirka LEROS 950CV Wall Sander

Mirka's new 1230 dust extractors improve the performance


Today, health and safety issues are becoming increasingly important. Sanding tools and abrasives are made more and more efficient, with focus on dust-free applications. This development places higher requirements on the dust extractors. To meet these demands, the Mirka dust extractor range has been extended with new versions of Mirka dust extractors in the US:

Mirka® Dust Extractor, 1230 HEPA PC 120V, DE-1230-PC

The 1230 dust extractor range is equipped with a high-performance 1200 W motor and a 1-stage turbine that creates 250 mbar suction with an airflow of 4500 l/min. The new 1230 dust extractors include the auto-start function. As the dust extractor only runs when the power tool is in use, thanks to the auto start function, there is less noise and at the same time the dust extractor gains a longer lifetime. Bigger wheels significantly improve maneuverability on uneven floor surfaces. Another advantage is that the filter is easy to reach through a separate opening in the back without removing the upper part.

Learn more by downloading the product info sheet here.


Mirka Dust Extractor, 1230 HEPA PC 120V, DE-1230-PC


Iridium and Novastar change the game of sanding


Mirka launches two new abrasives with state-of-the-art coating technology. Iridium and Novastar are available worldwide starting from September.

Today we introduce not just one, but two new abrasives families, Mirka Iridium® and Novastar™, worldwide. The new paper and film-backed abrasives are premium products aimed at automotive refinishing, wood and manufacturing industries, including marine and vehicle.

According to Stefan Sjöberg, CEO of Mirka Ltd, 2018 is going to be a landmark year for paper and film abrasives: “Iridium and Novastar are not just an improvement on our earlier products, we’ve really aimed at redefining abrasives manufacturing technology: new optimised grains, new coating and curing techniques as well as Mirka’s new multihole patterns.”

Developed in parallel, the abrasives are similar – though not the same – as he explains. “They both have a unique dust-repellent surface that doesn’t clog, so the grains stay sharp longer.” This is key to the top performance, Sjöberg says “We’ve done over 300 field tests worldwide at the beginning of the year to verify the customer value and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Speed, efficiency, lifetime and dust extraction are unrivaled.”

The paper-backed abrasive, Iridium is introduced in grits 80-600. It is ideal for premium body shops, wood shops and painters & decorators. The products available are 125 mm (5") and 150 mm (6") discs, as well as 81x133 mm and 70x400 mm strips. The longer strip has a center perforation, so it fits 70x198 mm sanders as well.

Novastar is the new film-backed abrasive that is waterproof and non-clogging. Key markets include marine, composites and vehicle manufacturing. The grit range is 80-600. The products available are 125 mm (5") and 150 mm (6") discs.

The new products are a part of the new generation of Intelligent abrasives® that take your performance to the next level. 

More information:  www.mirka.com/iridium   www.mirka.com/novastar

News Image, New Iridium Lauch Mirka Iridium Swatch

Mirka Microstar Swatch



Warranty registration made easy with my Mirka


Remember to register your tool to get 2+1 year warranty.

All Mirka power tools have a standard two-year warranty. But did you know that by registering within 30 days of purchase, you’ll get an additional year? If you’ve recently bought a new Mirka tool, make sure to register to get 2+1 warranty. To make the registration process as easy and seamless as possible, you can now do it via the myMirka app.

Scan or connect to register your tool
In fact, warranty registration has never been easier. Use myMirka either to connect directly to the tool via Bluetooth or to scan the serial number from the package. Once you’ve included your contact details and uploaded your receipt, you’re done. If you register another tool, you don’t have to re-enter your contact details, it’s just two simple steps. You can access the warranty details of your tools at any time from the app.

The convenience of digital
“Since we offer additional warranty, we want as many of our customers to benefit from it as possible,” says Benny Lönnqvist, After Sales manager for Power tools at Mirka. “We noticed that even though we had a registration form on the web site, it was not as convenient as sometimes customers would type in the serial number wrong or some other information might be lacking. So we’re happy that Digital Services developed this feature in myMirka; scan or connect, it is easy and time-saving.”

Lönnqvist also recommends trying out the new guided self-service on the web site if you need assistance. If your tool needs service, keep in mind that to keep the tool warranty valid and ensure optimal tool safety and function, the service of Mirka branded tools must be carried out by a Mirka authorized service center. To locate your local Mirka authorized service center, contact Mirka Customer service in your country or region or your Mirka dealer.

Read more:
Easy Warranty 

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Mirka’s toolbox goes digital with myMirka app


The app is a platform for digital services and connectivity. It’s now available worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

Mirka was founded as an abrasives manufacturer and at the start, the business was very much focused on sandpaper. In the past few decades, Mirka has increased its range and started its own Power Tools department in 2010. Mirka offers abrasives, power tools, polishing compounds and wide range of accessories in order to provide customers with the best surface finishing solutions. Today, however, those systems would not be complete without the added value of a platform for digital services and connectivity: myMirka®.

The starting point for myMirka was to give users a simple way of looking after their hands when sanding. The aim was to minimise vibrations and avoid white finger syndrome that working for long hours with power tools can sometimes cause. Mirka added an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth technology to Mirka DEROS® in 2016 and created the app to follow up the measurements. To measure vibration and speed in real-time, as well as daily vibration exposure (in-app purchase). But the development work did not stop there.

myMirka is a platform for all Mirka related information and Bluetooth functions are being added to more tools. Mirka DEOS® introduced in 2017 can also make use of all myMirka features. myMirka is available for iOS and Android devices. Mirka’s new electric sanders have Bluetooth connectivity, but in some countries, this function is not yet available. Here, you will now find the myMirka Lite version in the App store and Google Play Store. This version has all the features that do not require Bluetooth connection with the tool. So no matter where in the world you are, myMirka digital services are available. More features are also coming soon.

“The development work is ongoing,” says Annika Peltola, Commercial Manager, Digital Services at Mirka. “When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity for tools, more countries will be included this year. More functions and new services will also be launched to the myMirka platform. So stay tuned to find out more ways to improve your work efficiency with digital solutions.”

Learn more: myMirka®

Mirka’s toolbox goes digital with myMirka app


Mirka DEOS – Gets you closer. For perfection.


Imagine the perfect surface. Thanks to the new Mirka® DEOS electric sander, you can obtain that flawless end-result easier and quicker than ever before. By getting you closer to the surface, we bring your sanding experience to a completely new level.

Mirka DEOS, the electric orbital sander, integrates all the innovative features that have made Mirka® DEROS so popular. At only 10 cm high, the tool’s compact and very low profile gives a high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance. This small and light sander is naturally equipped with a brushless motor just like Mirka DEROS.

This orbital sander is together with Mirka DEROS one of the smartest tools on the market; Mirka DEOS features an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth technology. The myMirka app allows the follow-up of the daily vibration exposure (in app purchase). The app responds to the growing importance of health and safety in the workplace, and helps workers to track harmful vibrations that might cause the hand-arm vibration syndrome when sanding. The app constantly measures vibration levels according to the ISO 5349-1:2001(E) standard and depicts them using a colored scale. If the vibration level exceeds the normal value, the app recommends how it could be reduced to protect the user’s health.

For more information on the app functionality and availability in your country, please visit: www.mirka.com/mymirka

Read more about Mirka DEOS, its application areas and technical features at: www.mirka.com/mirka-deos

News Image, Mirka DEOS


Award-winning Mirka® DEROS now with vibration sensor


The Mirka DEROS electric sander has been used by thousands of professionals and been awarded with both the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award since its launch in 2012. At the time, Mirka was the first company to introduce brushless motor technology in a sander and the ergonomic Mirka DEROS is the lightest electric random orbital sander on the market.

Mirka DEROS now comes with smart features; it has an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth connectivity. The free myMirka app or the in-app purchase version can be installed on your mobile phone. The app gives you the possibility to monitor the vibrations levels of your Mirka DEROS in real time. By keeping track of vibration levels, you can make informed decisions that affect your health.

Those in the sanding industry recognize that long-term exposure to vibrating hand-held machinery can be damaging, with health issues such as vibration white finger (hand-arm vibration syndrome) affecting thousands of industrial workers.

At Mirka we put your health in focus. That’s why Mirka DEROS has low vibration levels when compared to other sanders on the market. With this new smart feature for measuring vibrations, however, it’s easier than ever to avoid the kind of long-term exposure that may be harmful. myMirka gives you real values in real time and a simple way to keep track of daily exposure levels.

The tools with the vibration sensors and Bluetooth connectivity are available in the EU and Russian markets. Other markets are still under investigation or the certification process is pending.

Read more about myMirka for digital services and connectivity on myMirka minisite.

News Image, Mirka DEROS



Upgraded Optimized Surface Preparation System


At Mirka, we are constantly developing and improving our products and services to better meet our customers’ needs. Our OSP system focuses on speed, control, simplicity and repeat-ability, with an innovative combination of superior abrasives and state-of-the-art tools. Now, we’ve updated steps 3 and 4 to maximize efficiency and improve results.

The OSP net abrasive no. 3 has been updated and is made with ceramic grains, further improving toughness. The previous foam paper disc no. 4 has been replaced and there is now a new no. 4 OSP net sanding disc. This means that the OSP system consists of net abrasives from start to finish, for a completely dust-free sanding process. Both no.3 and no.4 net abrasives have a stronger backing, making them last even longer.

A standardized repair process is one of the keys to get the smooth workflow in the body shop. With the OSP system it is a clear and simple process which impacts to keep the focus and achieve the goal for the day – Correct accomplished repairs on time.

Time studies performed in body shops show a time saving in sanding process of 30% thanks to the OSP system. The simplified OSP system gives a reduced abrasive material consumption. Facts based on studies in body shops show an abrasive material decrease of 32%.

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Increased sanding speed and efficiency saves time on every job which boosts productivity and profitability.

  • Standardized, step-by-step processes means predictable, consistent quality on every repair.

  • ‘Dust free’ – the workshop stays cleaner which helps reduce the risk of dust inclusions in paintwork and minimizes the need for de-nibbing.

  • Healthier workshop environment for staff.

News Image, OSP


Mirka Polarshine® polishing compounds in new bottles with new caps and labels


The Mirka Polarshine 1 L and 250 ml bottles have undergone a total change. The shape of the bottles has changed. The new shape makes the bottles stronger and the top is more flexible in order to minimize transport damages.

The new push & pull caps are color coded. This makes the Mirka polishing system more user friendly.

The labels have been renewed and the new layout has also a color strip on the back side. The QR code on the label directs the user to the specific compound information. The product information on the bottles can be found in 26 languages. The label information follows the latest legal requirements.

News Image, Mirka Polarshine