Mirka Iridium 9" STYRO 8+1-Hole Grip Sanding Discs, 24-9CU Series

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Product Overview:

Mirka Iridium 9" STYRO 8+1-Hole Grip Sanding Discs (24-9CU Series) is a premium abrasive for universal sanding. Produced with cutting edge technology, Iridium cuts faster with fewer steps from rough to smooth surface finish.

This special STYRO version of Mirka Iridium abrasive was developed for sanding polystyrene insulation panels. Large holes improve extraction capability for large particles. Premium paper backing and precision coating for remarkable flexibility and excellent sanding grain adhesion, featuring a mix of ceramic and aluminum oxide grains. Available in a variety of grits to suit different types of polystyrene.

Recommended to be used together with a Mirka LEROS 9" Electric SanderMirka 9" STYRO Backup Pad (MIW9564411) and Mirka 9" Interface Pad (MIW9535611) (sold separately) for a smooth surface finish on polystyrene foam insulation panel surfaces.

Mirka Styro Sanding Concept Pic, 3

Using Mirka’s new STYRO Concept, fitting polystyrene insulation could not be cleaner. Usually, when leveling panel seams to achieve a uniform structure, debris is created from sanding insulation foam. To solve this, Mirka’s ergonomic and easy to use LEROS-S wall sanders are fitted with a special backing pad and Mirka STYRO abrasives together with an interface to make sanding work easy, clean and fast.

Large holes improve extraction capability for large particles, soft structure for reaching optimal sanding result on foam surfaces.

Mirka Styro Sanding Concept Pic, 4

The system is suitable for sanding underground and external insulation panels alike, for Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). With the specially developed Mirka Iridium abrasives for the STYRO Concept, debris extraction capability is improved even further. Mirka offers Iridium in P40, P60 and P80 grits to suit different density of polystyrene.

Mirka Styro Sanding Concept Pic, 1

Perfected for speed and efficiency; Iridium has a mix of ceramic and aluminum oxide grains on a flexible paper with a new resin system for enhanced grain adhesion, a precision coating that prevents clogging and reduces pilling. Dust extraction is optimized with multi-hole patterns for discs and strips. The result is an abrasive that repels dust for increased working lifetime as the grains stay sharp longer.

Iridium is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology that produces a consistent grain distribution for a perfect finish. Iridium delivers amazing results on both soft and hard surfaces, making it the ideal paper abrasive choice for professionals in any industry.

Sold 25 discs per box in a variety of grit options from P40 to P80.

Learn more about the Mirka STYRO Concept by downloading info sheet here.

Features and Benefits:


    Technical Specifications:

    • Size: 9" (225mm)
    • Quantity per Box: 25 discs
    • Grain: Ceramic and Aluminum Oxide
    • Color: Gray
    • Attachment: Grip (hook & loop)
    • Backing: Latex C weight paper
    • Bonding: Low VOC resin system
    • Vacuum Pattern: 8+1-hole
    • Grit: P40 to P60 grit range
    • Coating: Semi-open