Mirka 7.5" Yellow Wool Blend Polishing Grip Buff Pad, MPADTWY-7.5-1.5

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Product Information:

Mirka 7.5" Yellow Acrylic Wool Blend Grip Polishing Pad (MPADTWY-7.5-1.5) is designed for medium compounding, polishing and waxing applications.

Features grip backing for quick attachment and removal. Pads are washable for longer service life. Great for use with Mirka Polarshine 3 and 10 as well as other polishes and waxes where a medium cutting and polishing action is required.

7.5" diameter with 1.5" pile height. 

Designed for use on a 7" grip backup pad.

Sold one pad per package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of yellow acrylic wool blend
  • Perfect for use with Mirka Polarshine medium compounding and polishing applications
  • Washable grip backing
  • 7.5" diameter size, 1.5" pile height
  • For use on 7" grip backing plate
  • Sold 1 pad per package