Mirka Polarshine 15 Medium Compound, 1L, PC15-1L

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Product Information:

Mirka Polarshine 15 (PC15-1L) advanced cutting formulation is the easy and quick polishing option for efficiently producing a premium surface finish on both freshly applied and established paintwork.

Rather than cover up and hide scratches, Polarshine 15 permanently removes scratches right before your eyes leaving a first class gleam. Polarshine 15 is cost effective, safe and easy to use.

Water-based and silicone-free, designed for machine application. Polarshine 15 will remove sanding scratches from 1,500 grit depending on the pad type used.

Features and Benefits:

  • Permanently removes 1,500 grit sanding marks
  • Suitable for all paint systems including scratch resistant clear coats
  • Water-based, silicone-free
  • Cost effective, safe and easy to use
  • Available in 250ml, 1 liter (1.05 Qt) sizes

Suggested Buff Pads:

  • Yellow wool-blend/lambswool
  • Yellow lambswool pro
  • Yellow foam

Recommended Speeds:

  • Rotary: 800 – 2,000 rpm