Mirka Mirlon Total Scuff Pads, 18-118 Series

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Product Description:

Mirka Mirlon Total Scuff Pads (18-118 Series) are designed to provide superior flexibility and uniform finishing of contoured surfaces and hard to reach areas. 

Developed using Mirka's innovative Total Coating™ Technology, Mirlon Total is more aggressive than regular Mirlon and produces a dense scratch pattern and rapid result. Abrasive grains are evenly distributed, not clumped, leaving an excellent surface finish.

Suitable for use in wet and dry modes, it features an open and flexible structure and strengthened fibers which make it strong and long-lasting. For a denser and less aggressive scuff pad, consider regular Mirlon.

Sold 25 pads per box, 4.5" x 9" size. Mirka Mirlon is also available in rolls, click here for more information.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adaptable to shapes and contours
  • Usable on both sides
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Consistent scratch pattern for superior uniform finish
  • Can be used with water
  • Extremely aggressive yet thinner, more open, and flexible

Application Suggestions:

  • Fine Finishing and surface preparation
  • For use in automotive, marine and industrial workplace
  • Easy to use on profiled surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next coating
  • Red: Very Fine (360 grit), for primary sanding of new parts, old paint layers, and sanding of repairs before applying primer
  • Black: Extra Fine (800 grit), for panel blending, paint prep, surface finishing in wood applications, solid surface fabrication and marine aftermarket
  • Gray: Ultra Fine (1,500 grit), for enhancing mechanical adhesion and panel blending
  • Gold: Micro Fine (2,500 grit), ideal for removing over-spray, dirt nibs, and lint fibers

Product Specifications:

  • Non-woven abrasives are three-dimensional media made with cut fiber strands, coated with resin and abrasive
  • Feature Aluminum Oxide (VF) and Silicon Carbide (XF, UF, MF) and Phenolic Resin Bonding
  • Available in box of 25, 4.5" x 9" x 1/8" pads
  • Red: Very Fine (360 grit)
  • Black: Extra fine (800 grit)
  • Gray: Ultra Fine (1,500 grit)
  • Gold: Micro Fine (2,500 grit)