Mirka 1.25" AOS Angled Orbital Finessing Sander, MAOS130

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Product Overview:

Mirka AOS Angled Orbital Sander (MAOS130) is a pneumatic air angled orbital spot repair tool with a 1.25" (32 mm) backing pad and is ideal for denibbing and performing spot repairs. Perfect for use with Mirka Abralon, Abranet, Gold, Iridium, Polarstar SR, Waterproof and similar rosette discs for spot repair of topcoats and clearcoats.

Follows contours while removing dirt nibs and other surface defects and produces a fine scratch pattern that is easy to polish out.

Three suitable 1.25" R-Type quick locking backing pads are included in the package: 1125S-R and 1125SG-R.

Extremely lightweight at 1.3 Lb, it has a max speed of 8,500 rpm. The Mirka MAOS130 features a 3mm (1/8") oscillating orbit which results in a finer finish and easier polishing process.

The air motor features hi-tech molded composite rotor and blade construction for long lasting performance with increased resistance to moisture in air supply. The result is a tool with optimal strength and user comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic grip and angled design
  • Lightweight at only 1.32lb
  • Max speed of 8,500 rpm
  • 3mm (1/8") oscillating orbit results in a finer finish and easier polishing process
  • Composite corrosion resistant construction for optimal strength and user comfort
  • Includes three suitable Mirka backing pads: 1125S-R and 1125SG-R

    Technical Specs:

    Dust system Non-vacuum
    Work pressure (bar) 6.2
    Weight (kg) 0.6 (1.32lb)
    Noise level (dB) 75
    Air consumption (l/min) 509
    Size of pad (mm) 32 (1.25")
    Speed (rpm) 8,500
    Orbit (mm) 3 (1/8")