Mirka 9" Net Interface for Mirlon Total Discs for LEROS, 10-Pack, 82S6001001

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Product Overview:

Mirka 9" Net Interface for Mirlon Total Discs for LEROS, 10-Pack (82S6001001) allows the use of non-woven discs, e.g. Mirka 9" Mirlon Total Discs, on power tools such as the Mirka LEROS and Mirka LEROS-S.

The unique mushroom-shaped hooks make the non-woven product stick well to the interface and prevent the fibers from getting stuck in the backing pad. The interface removes the need to use velour on a non-woven product and thereby enables usage Mirka 9" Mirlon Total Discs when power sanding. The unique construction is based on a patented spacer backing.

Using an interface pad will produce a softer sanding result and minimizes over-sanding on rounded and curved surfaces. The interface pad is placed between the backing pad and the Mirka 9" Mirlon Total Discs.

Sold 2 interface pads per package.

Features and Benefits:

  • 9" diameter, 0.15" thick
  • Net vacuum pattern
  • Use with Mirka LEROS and Mirka LEROS-S sanders and in combination with Mirka 9" Mirlon Total Discs for sanding rounded surfaces and contours
  • Produces a softer sanding result minimizing over-sanding 
  • Sold 10 pads per package