Mirka 3" x 9" Handy Grip Vacuum Sanding Block, HB-39

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Product Overview:

Mirka Handy Grip Vacuum Sanding Block (HB-38) is an ergonomically designed 3" x 9" vacuum sanding block designed for sanding down filler, putty and paint. 

The Handy sanding block is easily attached to a vacuum cleaner and utilizes Mirka's Net Sanding Technology, providing a dust-free and healthier working environment. 

Ergonomically designed two-handed grip and is easy to maneuver across the surface - thanks to the holes on the back for optimized extraction and airflow. The suction valve can also be adjusted for reduced or increased suction. In addition, it is equipped with a Velcro attachment instead of time-consuming clips.

Designed for use with Abranet 3" x 9" abrasive strips, available in assorted grits.

Includes Mirka Handy Block only. Related items such as Mirka 12' Vacuum Hose (91100-A) and abrasive strips sold separately. Click here to order additional Abranet abrasive sheets.


Features and Benefits:

  • Includes Mirka Handy Block (additional items sold separately)
  • 3" x 9" block size
  • Perfect for filler and putty sanding as handle reduces the risk of tilting during use
  • Easy to access hose connection and an adjustable suction valve to allow for optimized dust extraction
  • Air flow holes help the tool move easily over the surface
  • Features 55 holes precisely placed to ensure effective dust removal
  • Grip fastening system means there’s no time consuming clamps to deal with
  • Ergonomic, soft-feel, two handed grip
  • Eye catching design in yellow to easily find