Mirka 2.75" x 16.5" Rigid Vacuum Sanding Block, 9116R

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Product Overview:

Mirka 2.75" x 16.5" Rigid Multi-hole Vacuum Sanding Block (9116R) is perfect for hand sanding surfaces with maximum dust extraction.  

This tool features a 16.5" length with a unique ergonomic grip design and low profile for excellent control when sanding. It accepts 2.75" wide grip abrasive rolls and strips.

Excellent when used in combination with Mirka AbranetAbranet ACE HD or Autonet abrasives for ultimate vacuum efficiency. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 2.75" x 16.5" grip face sanding board
  • Multi-hole configuration and dust port for maximum dust extraction
  • Flat and rigid sanding surface
  • Ergonomic Grip Design