Dura-Block AF4403, 2.75" x 16" Full Size PSA Sanding Block

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Note: Dura-Block® is not a Mirka® brand but compatible with Mirka® abrasive products and will help you achieve a perfect finish.

Product Overview:

Dura-Block 2.75" x 16" PSA Full Size Sanding Block (AF4403) is designed to accurately block slightly curved or flat panels on any surface without digging into fill material. 

Perfect for wet or dry sanding. This block features a smooth backing and is for use with 2.75" wide PSA (sticky-back) sandpaper strips or rolls.

Dura Block sanding tools are made from durable, high density patented closed-cell EVA rubber. They are sized and shaped to follow contours and flat surfaces while preventing dents, ripples and gouging.

Sold 1 block per package.

Features & Benefits:

  • 16"L x 1.5"H x 2.625"W
  • Designed to flex with the contour of any sanding surface
  • Perfect for wet or dry sanding
  • Smooth backing, uses 2.75" wide PSA (sticky-back) sandpaper strips or rolls
  • Made from durable, high density patented closed-cell EVA rubber
  • Sold one block per package