Mirka WPF Waterproof Sanding Sheets, 21-104 Series

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Product Overview:

Mirka WPF Waterproof Sanding Sheets (21-104 Series) are designed for wet sanding topcoats, clear coats and composite materials. May also be used in dry sanding applications.

These sanding sheets are made with a latex impregnated paper as a backing material and an extra durable grit bonding for wet sanding. 

Size is 9" x 11" sheets in grit range of 80 to 2,500. 

Sold 25 sheets for 80 to 150 grits, 50 sheets for 180 to 2,500 grits.

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for both dry and wet sanding
  • Provides a high-quality sanding finish even on coarse surfaces

Application Suggestions:

  • Especially useful within the automotive, marine and composite industries
  • A sanding block is recommended for a smooth sanding pattern

Technical Specifications:

  • Grain: Aluminum oxide P80-320, Silicon Carbide P400-2500
  • Bonding: Resin over resin
  • Backing: C-weight paper P80-120, B-weight paper P150-1200, C-weight paper P1500-2500
  • Coating: Closed
  • Color: Black-gray
  • Grit range: P80-2500
  • Size: 9" x 11" sheets
  • Quantity: 25 sheets for P80-150 grits, 50 sheets for P180-2500 grits